Friday, July 29, 2016


I was hired by a lovely husband and wife in Mission Viejo to design their compact front yard.  It was not a big space but just enough to add some pizzazz and a bit of life to what was dead lawn.  I began by having the site measured to ensure that the measurements I was working with would be accurate. I then created two concept drawings that the homeowner's and I met to thoroughly go over.  The attached picture is the winning concept.  We then went to a nursery to look at the proposed plants.  From there I created a final drawing that a referred licensed landscape contractor could accurately bid from.

I like to meet with both the contractor and homeowner(s) to discuss the project in detail so that there is no confusion.  Once the project is underway I coordinate with the contractor to ensure that things are flowing smoothly.  Regular site visits and placing of plants are necessary.

This particular client got an earth friendly makeover using California native plants, pottery and other cool accessories.  This video is a peak into the project.  You can also see photos of this project here.

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