Thursday, September 5, 2013


If you are thinking about applying for any turf rebate program (via the municipal water district of O.C.) then I would suggest that you read this first before doing so.  I have had many clients participate in the program and have learned a thing or two about the participation process.

  1. Check to see if your water agency is participating.  If they are not then I would call them up and question why they are not.  Better yet call me and I will light a fire for you.  
  2. Be sure that the turf you have in fact will qualify.  It has to be living, mostly lush and green.  
  3. Be honest in telling them how much turf you really have (your landscape designer should be able to tell you exactly what you have).  Don't bother making up a number, because they will come by and measure the area regardless of what you tell them.  
  4. Read their guidelines carefully as they have restrictions on what you can and cannot do.  For example you cannot put any grass back in and must use permeable paving. 
  5. Get a design done first and hire a contractor first before you submit the application.  Your deadline once approved is 60 days and they will require to see a design upon submital.  They will also ask whom you are hiring to do the work and may ask for the individuals license number.  You can tell whomever the contractor is that they cannot do any work until you are approved but once you are he/she can get rolling.  
  6. Ask your landscape designer and landscape contractor to give you a receipt for their services.  You will be required to show them.  
If you are in need of a landscape designer to assist you in qualifying for the turf rebate program then do not hesitate to contact me and I will happy help you out.  

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