Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Some contractors will tell you that using roundup is great as it will kill the weeds and the grass.  Some home improvement stores will even offer this product free with purchase of something.  Monsanto and Scotts will no doubt promote this product and tell you that it's safe.  YES!!!  They will tell you that using this "glyphosate"  product is safe to breath.  As if using and breathing a toxic chemical is ever safe.  It's like using Clorox products to clean your home with.  Toxic?  Yes!  Safe?  HELL NO!!!  Not even close.

You may now be telling me that roundup is water soluble.  Well that is partially true.  Once it leaches into the soil then it is there to potentially harm any new plantings.  Yes it will and has.  Did I mention that it's toxic.  As in it's unsafe to breathe/ingest.  Have I scared you from using it?  If not then let me share this story with you.

I used to cough a lot (like a chronic annoyance).  I was certainly having respiratory issues and could not figure out why.   I eat healthy and workout often so then why was I having these issues?  After doing some internet research I decided to change the chemicals that I clean my house with and went from using toxic products to those that are earth friendly.  What a difference a simple change made.  I became convinced that these products were the root of the issue.  Roundup is much the same, made with chemicals that are so bad for you.

So now you are wondering what to do and if there are/is alternatives.  The simple answer is "VINEGAR".  You can use it as weed killer, grass killer and a killer of plant life.  It is not harmful to your health and I bet you cook with it from time to time.  A simple solution.  Now if only garden centers and contractors would get on board.

So here is my challenge to you the person who cares deeply about family well being.  A simple challenge to rid your home and landscape of toxic crap.  If you are just doing your landscape then advise your contractor NOT to use roundup and use vinegar instead.


Unknown said...

When did thinking objectively, fly out the window? Roundup, if used CORRECTLY, can be of great use. The micro organisms in the soil will do the dirty work, (punt intended), in 48 hours after application. Unless, your soil is void of any micro organisms, it will NOT be consumed and could possibly stay, for Lord know how long. Monsanto isn't in the business of being Eco friendly, but, Eco friendly folks aren't in the business of always using rational thought in such matters. Objective-ism is next to Godliness!
If your soil cant handle Roundup, you aint Eco friendly by using vinegar either!

creations landscape designs said...

One of the ingredients in roundup is known to cause cancer. Not to mention that it's REALLY bad for those who inhale it. Yes it works but I don't like the idea of putting my own health at risk for some garden.