Friday, February 8, 2013


When I heard this news I almost started to cry.  This is really sad and I am truly stunned in shock.  To make what appears to be a long story short.  Garden design magazine is no longer going to be in publication.  I have bunch of their issues that I look at all the time for inspiration and feel truly sad that they are no longer going to publish.  Below is the full information from Plant Talk.  Click on the link to get the fool scoop.  

I must vent and say that it's sad that the advancement of the digital world may put an end the print world.  Gone may be the day's where you can go outside in the morning and get the newspaper or go to the magazine stand and pick up the latest issue of your favorite magazine.  Don't get me wrong I do love surfing the net for some inspiration but at the same time there is something to having a hard copy that I can look at without internet connection that will surely be missed.


Unknown said...

I was also disappointed when I heard about the magazine going sad. I loved the publication--visually beautiful and clean design.

creations landscape designs said...

It's so sad. One of the best around.

creations landscape designs said...

By the way Julie I check out your business website. Any chance you would be willing to do a q & a or sort for this blog?

ketz said...

This really make me sad. This magazine really gives me a lot of inspiration and ideas with my work. I will really miss buying this magazine.

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