Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I recently read a book called the Alchemist (a must read for those who are self employed) which is about a boy who is trying to achieve his personal legend (goal, passion etc.).  This journey leads him to self discover, heartache, failure, triumph, happiness and a boat load of other things.  Through his journey the boy meats people who help him along his path.  Who take a chance on him.  This was a story that I related to in a heart beat.  I could easily identify myself with this boy as I am on the path of my personal legend.

I started my journey by studying architecture which I soon realized was not my ideal cup of tea.  I then studied landscape architecture and it was then that something clicked.  An understanding and wanting of something.  I then spent some time working for a landscape architect which prepared me for my personal legend.  It was during this time that I learned how to design landscapes.  I got to design different types of landscapes much like drinking different cups of tea until I found that one flavor that I became addicted to.  Throughout this journey I would have never thought that I would be self employed and loving it.  But one day the universe, Allah and the forces within thought it was due time for a change.  I was ready they thought for a journey that would forever change me.  The journey of self employment.

Owning a business as most who are self employed will tell you is not easy.  It is not always a bed of roses but in the end it is the greatest adventure of life.  I would never have (in my youth) imagined that I would be doing this but now cannot imagine doing anything else.  This journey of reaching my personal legend has changed me and my thinking about life.  Along this journey I have met interesting people and learned more than I ever thought was possible.  I have reached this place through the yearning of my soul, the aide of the universe, and the generosity of those who have taken a chance on little me.   

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