Tuesday, August 14, 2012


When it comes to using mulch you should be happy to know that you are not limited to what you can use.  From traditional bark to gravel your options are endless.  In this case for a client in Garden Grove and another client in Costa Mesa we used decomposed granite as mulch.  It is possible and depending on the other materials that you are using it can look really pretty.

As you will notice in the Garden Grove clients picture (left) we used DG and bark mulch to create a contrast.  As a cost savings we used the standard DG color which once the plants grow in will add a nice color pop.  In the Costa Mesa clients back yard (right) We used pavers made of recycled rubber that coordinated nicely with the DG mulch.  This picture was taken in August of 2011 almost 8 months after the garden was installed.  As you can see the plants are growing nicely and loving it.

Some tips to using decomposed granite as mulch:

  • Do not seal it as that will make it hard as concrete and thus prevent the plant from getting watered.  
  • If you must seal it then leave a 2-3' space around the plant to allow for growth.  
  • You can buy DG in a variety of colors but the traditional beige will be the least expensive option.  
  • If you are using it as mulch then all you need is a 2" layer that will help in retaining soil moisture.
  • Is there salt leaching or growth issues?  NO!  Bear in mind that you have to plant accordingly (sun tolerant plants in areas that get more sun etc.)
Tree of life nursery (see right picture) has a Lester Rowntree Manzanita that is growing in a mound of decomposed granite.  This as well is possible.  It really comes down to a look.  Some homeowners like the traditional bark mulch look while others want something different.  Personally I like stepping outside the box and doing something non traditional and setting a sustainable trend for the neighborhood.  

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