Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I like the idea of thinking outside the box and designing on traditional landscapes.  In this case I wanted to design a funky yet functional overhead structure that was not permanent and organic.  In this case I decided to use a design that I did during the 2010 spring garden show, which utilizes decorative pots, plant material, lodge poles and fabric. 

For the spring garden show design (see image) we used see through fabric as we were merely attempting to give an idea but for this project we will have to use outdoor appropriate fabric, such as Sunbrella.  The pots (which have yet to be chosen) will be a contrasting color from the plant material and architecture color. 

This project is going to be bid this week and installed soon and I cannot wait to share updates with you as there are many other factors of this project that should interest you.  The image shows the overhead idea that (from the 2010 spring garden show that I designed with a contractor) and a portion of the site plan that contains the overhead area.

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