Friday, June 8, 2012


Rogers Gardens had their annual California friendly garden contest and I was thrilled to enter my Tustin clients in the contest.  I figured that there was nothing to loose and regardless of the outcome it would be fun to have entered (see all entries here).

The reception event took place at Rogers Gardens with a great lineup of speakers from the city of Newport Beach and beyond.  Once they got to announcing the winners I started to get nervous.  On the one hand I really wanted to win but on the other hand I was grateful to have even participated.

Well my Tustin Clients garden won fourth place (insert tears of joy here).  Myself, the client and the contractor were thrilled to have placed.   Personally I have to honestly admit that I am hoping for this to lead to more clients.  Below are pictures of all the winners.

 It is one thing to have a beautiful garden designed on paper but it's something completely different when the contractor can take that vision and turn it into a masterpiece.  Thanks to Laura Dalton for doing a great job on the installation and to the my clients Christine and David for utilizing my services.  You all rock! :-)

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