Monday, March 5, 2012


I live on the second floor of a condo complex. I have no land to garden in and little space all together. I have lived here for 7 years and never really bothered to do anything. I got so busy with my clients gardens that I guess you can say I neglected my own. That all changed last week when I realized that the condo next door to me was on the market. It has been bank owned for a few months. I decided that if I did something to my front porch (connected to the bank owned one) then that would add curb appeal (front porch appeal) to an otherwise blank slate. Not to mention the more money that the next door condo sells for the better it will be for my property value.

All the pots I bought except the railing planter are second hand (they have a chip or a minor crack). On the one hand I wanted a California native garden but on the other hand I wanted to be able to eat from my garden. I should also mention that my garden gets partial sun to partial shade. Below is my plant palette.

California native plants
  • Dudleya brittonii (Chalk Dudleya)
  • Monardella villosa (Coyote Mint)
  • Salvia cleveladii (Cleveland Sage)
Edible California native plants
  • Frageria californica (California Woodland Strawberry)
  • Satureja douglasii (Yerba Buena) (edible leaves taste like spearmint)
Edible non natives
  • Lettuce
  • Spinach
Other non native
  • Salvia greggii (Fuchsia Autumn Sage)
This is a one minute video I made about my front porch. If you have container gardened and have ideas, tips and tricks then fell free to share them via a comment.