Thursday, March 8, 2012


In 2009 I had the opportunity to design a front, side and back yard in E. Costa Mesa, CA. This project is called a blank slate where the homeowners want to keep nothing. 95% of the existing landscape was gutted and redone. This was also the biggest budgeted project that I had worked on at that time.

In the front yard we introduced brick and slate paving combined with California native and edible plants. There is also a fire pit in the front that was added during installation that was not on the original drawings.

In the back yard we have a custom slatted roofed overhead structure, custom BBQ area along we re-purposed concrete tiles. Most of the plants in the back yard are edible and the ones we introduced area combination of California native and edible plants. In the side yard (only one shown in the video) we reused brick and concrete tiles that were left over and created an inexpensive walkway. Below is the project video.

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