Saturday, January 14, 2012


I was at an outdoor market window shopping when I came across a vendor who's product I found interesting. A log (fire wood) that is made of sustainable/recycled materials. None of the toxic odors. Earth Log is a great earth friendly alternative to real fire wood. Info from their website.

"The Earth Log (fire log) was created by American Green Products in Huntington Beach, California. We realized that there was an incredible amount of waste paper being generated by individuals, business and government. We searched for ways to reduce our own waste and to use or recycle all that we couldn't. After years of study, we found that most of this clean, dry paper waste could be mixed with a recycled candle wax to create a mixture that could then be compressed to make a cleaner. greener, better smelling fire log."

"Earth Logs have been proven to release less carbon dioxide, less particular matter emissions, lower opacity (smoke) and even less creosote accumulation when compared to cut hardwood. From our patent pending closed loop, zero waste production process to our grass roots waste collection system, all of our products are made from 100% recycled materials."

My impression of the product is that it was not heavy to handle and smelled nice. Easy to use would be my take on the product. I should mention that I have not actually used it as my place does not have a fireplace. But if you have used it and would like to share your thoughts then feel free to do so as a comment on here.

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