Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I like searching the web for cool and fun ideas to potentially implement in my clients gardens. Some ideas that I find will work and some won't. It all depends on not only the budget but also the size of the project. If you have enough room and a claw foot tub then you could turn it into a coach. Through in some decorative colored pillows and you have a cool yet funky outdoor coach.

How much do you like colored pencils? I like to color with them when finalizing a concept plan. I like the wide range of color choices. I even have a set of watercolor pencils that I use when I paint. Now how about having some in your garden? I will say that this for some might be too much but you need a new fence and you want to add some fun color then you might want to replicate the picture. You may even be able to recreate this with paint using a block wall as your canvas. Your options are endless and only limited to your imagination.

If you have created any cool outdoor art then please share as a comment on here. Photos are taken from Google image search.


Unknown said...

Love the image of the colored pencil fence! Reminds me of some of the some great street art I've been seeing online lately... Check out this link.

creations landscape designs said...

Wow some of the pics in the link were rad!