Tuesday, December 20, 2011


This holiday season is a great time for reflections and making resolutions worth sticking to. I am making a few resolutions of my own that I will try this year to stick to without fail. My first resolution is to find peace and let go of all the stress I feel. How? I don't know but somehow I will figure it out. My second resolution is to live the healthiest year ever. This will involve some eating changes and weight loss. The end result is going to be a healthier me. I will assume that if I am healthy then my business will be healthy. My third resolution is to continue to build my business. I have been thankful for the clients I have had thus far but like any other business owner I always want more. Cheers to more and more...

My forth resolution is to give away more goodies to the earth friendly landscapes readers. Little things, big things, cute things and even the quirky. So here is a special gift for one lucky reader this holiday season. The gift (pictured) is a quirky garden ornament. You could even plant inside of it.

Alright so in order to win this you must do 3 of 4 things...
  1. Comment on here and tell me what you would do with this or where you would put it.
  2. Like earth friendly landscapes on facebook (click link above).
  3. Write on the earth friendly landscapes facebook page by saying "happy holidays".
  4. Tweet @earthfriendlyla "happy holidays"
Each entry will be put in to a hat and one person will be selected at random. Good luck and happy holidays from earth friendly landscapes. The deadline for this giveaway is Dec. 31st, 2011.

1 comment:

Jeannie Hanson said...

I would put it in an arrangement of potted plants of varying sizes and leave it unadorned so that it's structure dominated.