Monday, April 11, 2011


I am usually the one that advocated lawn less gardens but in this particular case with my San Juan Capistrano client it was necessary to have a bit of lawn. She has a dog and wanted a soft surface for the dog to run around in. Luckily the lawn is existing and only a bit of it will remain while the rest will go bye bye. As you will see in the legend there are some existing plants that are being kept with an area of lawn that is also remaining in the back yard. The new plants will be a mixture of 95% California native and 5% non native.

Currently this garden is being bid and if all goes well then by the end of the this month there should be significant progress. I will keep you updated with several blog posts. What excites me the most about designing landscapes is making the clients dream come true. The dream of having an outdoor space to relax and enjoy. A space that suits their every lifestyle. Inexpensive, sustainable, earth friendly and organic is the only way to go in this harsh economic times. It's not just about having a functional garden anymore. It's also about reducing your energy bills while increasing your property value. Below are pictures of some proposed plants.

The left image is of Ceanothus concha while the right is of Heuchera hybrids and the center is Electric Blue Sage.

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