Friday, March 25, 2011


As a landscape designer I am always searching for new products and things to use in my designs so when I saw that aHa Modern Living was selling the Greenbo planters I just had to have one. I contacted the manufacturer and asked if I could test one out. Woo hoo they said yes. I was also subsequently contacted by Fern from Life on The Balcony who had a Tree of Life Nursery groupon that she wanted to donate to me. Happy happy joy joy! The result was a railing planter that looks great in my garden.

So far I am loving this planter and highly recommend it for those of you that do not have land to garden in. For me personally I have a specific style of plants in my garden that I like to call California native so the plants I chose for this container were along those lines.

The planter is only big enough to fit 6-4" plants (3 on either side). Your options are not limited. I chose Satureja douglasii - Yerba Buena (edible groundcover where the leaves taste like spearmint) (right picture) and Monardella villosa - Coyote Mint (low growing shrub that gets 2'tall if planted in ground) (left picture).

If you wish to purchase this planter then click on the aHa Modern Living link above.


Unknown said...

This is an amazing product - I'm SO gonna buy me one!

creations landscape designs said...


If you buy one and plant it send me a photo ( and I will share it on my blog. Glad you liked it.

Unknown said...

Wow! What a cool thing! I would like to put it on the railing inside my loft!

I am going to order all colors!
What is the website for the company?