Friday, January 14, 2011


I love attending the CLCA landscape industry show and getting a peek at the different landscape products that are out there. This is also a great way for those of us in the landscape industry to come together, network and share ideas and products. This year there were a lot of vendors sharing their knowledge and helping us designer and contractors grow.

From plants to energy efficient irrigation controllers these products are beneficial to your wallet and the environment. In the attached video some vendors share a sampling of their products. Bear in mind that there were over a thousand booths and there was no feasible way to take video of each booth and be able to share it in only a few minutes.

If you have questions on any of the products in the video or if you would like a complimentary landscape design consultation to discuss how any of these products would work in your landscape then kindly email me (info @ CreationsLandscapeDesigns dot com) and I would be happy to assist you (OC and LB residence only).

Above photo is a Ginkgo shaped rain chain.

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