Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Let's face it, lawns are a waste of space, water and money. If you absolutely have use for an area of lawn then that is one thing but typically people don't. Think about it! Just because your neighbor has lawn does not mean that you have to. You could however become the neighborhood trend setter. You know that person that actually cares about the environment and their wallet. Having said all of this I would like to show you pictures of my clients (Fountain Valley, CA) project that is currently (as I type) being planted.

As you can see in the picture above there is nothing but lawn, lawn and more lawn. It was doing nothing for the homeowner, so we killed the lawn and are planting with California native plants that don't need much water, don't need a lot of maintenance and will not only reduce the homeowners water bill but also significantly increase their property value.

The hardscape is a mixture of flagstone in brown tones and gravel in brown tones. The architecture is painted in a light beige color with chocolate accents. The plants on the other hand are colorful.

The plant palette is...
Lance Leafed Dudleya
Hasse's Dudleya
Chalk Dudleya
Monkey Flower
Foothill Penstemon
Red and White Autumn Sage
California Fuchsia
Howard Mcminn Manzanita
Dark Star Ceanothus
Ilex (cannot recall variety)
Emerald Carpet Manzanita

The Ilex and the Dimondia are California friendly while the rest are natives. When the plants fill in it will looks beautiful and create an awesome wildlife habitat. The local birds, butterflies and hummingbirds are going to write me a thank you letter. ;-)

This project was designed by
me and installed by Living Landscapes. You are more than welcome to contact me and I will happily meet you complimentary for an hour to discuss how we (me and you) can reduce your water bill, while increasing your property value without denting your wallet.


Susan Krzywicki said...

Did you check where the gutters were sending water? Make sure the rainwater stays on the property. Better for the environment. Check out Ocean Friendly Gardens - surfrider Foundation: http://oceanfriendlygardens.blogspot.com/

creations landscape designs said...


There is going to be a rain barrel and since 99% of the plants are California native they won't have to be watered often.