Friday, July 30, 2010


Over the last few months I have come across three organic fertilizer products (mixes) that I would like to share with you.

The first is by a company called TRI C Organics, which manufactures soil conditioners. These Tri-C humate products are a unique organic material derived from prehistoric plant vegetation, minded from deposits along the continental divide. These soil conditioners can be used year round and are good for any soil type.

Humate benefits include...
  • Rich minerals
  • Carbon
  • Organic matter
  • Humic acids
  • Beneficial bacteria
  • Improved drought tolerance
  • Reduces plant stress
The second is by a company called Dr. Earth, that also produces fertilizers with humic acids and beneficial bacteria. Their starter fertilizer contains "A superior blend of alfalfa meal, fish bone meal, feather meal, mined potassium sulfate, soft rock, phosphate, seaweed extract and PRO-BIOTIC™
seven champion strains of beneficial soil microbes plus Ecto and Endo Mycorrhizae." Dr. Earth also makes compost starters for those that are interested in composting.

The third product is by a company called Green Wave Fertilizer, which is another fertilizer product worth experimenting with. There Power Plant FT1-7 product is liquid concentrated and can be applied to any landscape & agricultural product. "PowerPlant FT1-7 uses the soil microorganisms found in the soil to greatly enhance the re-colonization of these beneficial microorganisms that uses BNF to produce nitrogen in the soil. PowerPlant FT1-7 contains readily available nutrients in the right proportions to help enhance plant growth."

Soil conditioners (fertilizers) are great to add to your existing garden that may not be doing so hot. I would assume that all three products are good to use in your garden however, I personally have not used either product as I have no land to garden in. But I have given samples to friends and will update you on their thoughts in the next few months.

If you are interested using any of these products then please contact me and I would be happy to contact you with the appropriate person or to give you and hour of complimentary ideas on where and how to use these products.

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