Tuesday, June 8, 2010


This info in courtesy of the Los Angeles Times.

In a whopping move that all states should practice the state of California passes a bill that will ban the use of plastic bags at supermarket check out stands. You will now pay 5 cents per bag or you could save this cost and just bring your own reusable bags.

Environmentalists say "the single-use bags endanger marine life and are more likely to foul beaches than any other form of pollution." The citizens of California use 19 billion of plastic bags per year (552 per person) as reported by the assembly bill analysis.

Such cities as San Francisco, Palo Alto and other across the state have already banned the use of plastic bags. "It's easier to have a statewide ban than it is to have to figure out how to operate city to city," said Assembly Speaker John PĂ©rez (D- Los Angeles). Even the governor is on board and ready to sign this bill.

Instead of using plastic bags which get thrown away and wasted you should seriously consider reusable bags that cost about $1 each and can last a long time. Not to mention reusable bags are much friendlier to the environment.

Kudos to the golden state!

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