Monday, April 12, 2010


I had done a previous post about habitat gardening for attracting hummingbirds but then when I heard that Tree of Life Nursery was having a lecture about creating a hummingbird container I was convinced that I need to share with all. Patty Roess from Tree of Life talks about what you can do and gives you some different ideas. Bear in mind that not all plants will work for just any pot. Some plants that have a deep root system will require larger pots. So for any plant that you wish to use I suggest doing some homework before you begin.

If you already have a container then the best way to water it is to first stick a stick or your finder down into the soil. If the soil sticks to your finger then you do not need to water but if the soil does not stick to your finger then you should water the plant. Another method to watering a container is to use a syringe. Now if you are going on vacation then try this

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