Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Whether you did a sustainable design or hired someone I would love to blog about it or even video blog about it. So if you have done or had done a sustainable landscape design then please email me info @ CreationsLandscapeDesigns.com.

Here are some submission guidelines...
  • Video blogging is for Orange County designs only so if the project is out side of the OC then you will get a text blog.
  • Your design must utilize four of the following - CA native plants or drought tolerant or edibles, permeable paving, reduce - reuse - recycle, composting, solar, drip irrigation, energy efficient lighting, sustainable fabrics and furnishings.
  • If you are sending images sent no more than 3 in jpeg format
  • Include your information (your name, company name, website address...)
  • A 1 paragraph description about the project and how it is sustainable.
Happy Landscaping! :-)

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