Monday, March 8, 2010


I like knowing that I am not the only landscape designer out there. Friendly competition is nice however, this one I can't compete with. Seasons Landscaping is a company that does vertical gardening. Imagine having an entire wall of plants. A few words from the creator...

Seasons Landscaping are landscape architects and builders based in Orange County. We specialize in vertical wall gardens and green roofs systems. We manufacture the systems and distribute throughout the US. Our technology is the original wall garden panel and has been used for over 4 years in the US. After servicing the commercial market within that time we are now bringing to the consumer market for the first time living wall retail products. They are pre grown panels as well as our self watering wall garden units. Our grower partner in Southern California is Armstrong Growers, which also pre grows all of our projects in this area."

Scott Hutcheon

Seasons Landscaping

Office 949.419.6530


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Diana said...

I love those vertical gardens! Great pictures, too. I've been thinking about doing something like that in my side yard...will check it out. Thanks.