Monday, February 8, 2010


I was watching the Garden World Report and saw a video on this really neat product. The Ups A Daisy is not that expensive and saves you from using excess soil. Not to mention the weight of the pot is less heavy when you are using less soil. They are sold in different sizes depending on the diameter of your pot or how far down you would like it placed, starting at 10" all the way up to 18".

Here is a quick how to use guide taken from the product website...
  1. Select a round, tapered container measuring 12 to 24 inches in diameter at the top rim.
  2. Measure about half-way down into your container for most plant varieties; at that depth measure across the container to determine the width. This will be the insert size you will need.
  3. Place the Ups-A-Daisy insert into the container, label side up. It should fit securely about half-way down for most plant varieties and slightly deeper for tall or deep rooted plants.
  4. Fill the container with potting soil to one inch below the rim.
  5. Whoa-la you are ready to go with a beautiful container garden.
This is great if you are going to have a really big pot in your garden. Rather than filling the bottom of the pot with gravel you can same money by using one of these.

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