Thursday, January 14, 2010


I designed a project in Costa Mesa, CA that is close to being finished with installation (pics to follow when finished). The client wanted to have some lawn in the back yard in between the used concrete pavers for their arthritic dog to be able to move around without hassle. The contractor sadly suggested the use of marathon or some sort of sod. As if we are not in a drought. Hah! But luckily there is a solution to have that lawn space you want without wasting water and that is a California Native plant called Carex pansa (California Meadow Sedge).

Some plant characteristics are...
  • Low creeping perennial and rich green grass like foliage
  • Less than 1' high and 2'+ spread
  • Takes full sun to full shade
  • Required watering once a week as oppose to daily like the traditional lawns
Now my client can have the lawn she wants and still maintain a friendship with the environment.

Update: The project I refer to above never got the Carex installed due to design changes and the pictures above are courtesy of Google.

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