Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I was just reading California landscaping magazine and came across this mini article that tickled me pink. I have heard of ab 370 before and I believe it is a must share. The governor signed a California landscape contractors association measure that will increase the maximum criminal fines for all unlicensed contractors. Here is how the measure works...

Your first conviction will be punishable by a fine of $5000 or perhaps going to county jail for 6 months or both. Your second offense, will have a fine that is 20% of the contract price for whatever job the unlicensed contractor was hired for. The third strike you get a fine and you go to jail + 20% of the contract price.

This measure is also meant to protect the consumer from unlicensed contractors. I personally love it! The reality is that if you are a landscape designer for example then the only thing you can legally install is up to $750 worth of plant material and nothing else. If a landscape designer wanted to install more than that then he/she would have to become a licensed landscape contractor. Non profits however can install plants up to any amount but only plants. If you are going to operate a landscape business, whether to design or install or both then you might as well operate legally and spare yourself unnecessary headaches.

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