Wednesday, December 9, 2009


re-purposing is the art of taking something old and making it new again. Whether you refinish the object or take it apart and give it a new life. It's always fun to not buy new and simply re-purpose. Below are some re-purposed items.
A small town in England turned their old phone booth into a mobile 24/7 library. You could even take a bunch of old water bottles and create neat things like this bus stop. However if these are out of your league and too big for you then enjoy these much simpler things that you can make in your own back yard.

Take those old shoes that you just don't want anymore and use them as planters. For an even more creative idea cover the shoes with buttons or beads for a bit of extra bizzazz.
This is where I really wish I had kept all the old floppy disks. Totally could have re-purposed them. Maybe it's time for you to rummage through the attic.

This holiday season consider that the state of the economy may not leave you with much of a shopping budget, but that should not stop you from giving the neatest gift. Try getting a little crafty. From re-purposing items to making your own holiday cards these ideas will not only save you money but the fact that you took time to make it, ads a special touch that something store bought can't do.

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