Wednesday, December 30, 2009


There are two events going on at Tree Of Life Nursery in January that I would like to share with you.

January 16th, Harvesting Rainwater 10-11am
- "Come learn basic principles about how to harvest rainwater on your property. In dry climates like ours, rainwater is scarce and precious, so when it falls on your property, keep it in your garden! Rainwater harvesting strategies can save you water as well as prevent run-off, which is one of the highest contributors to pollution in our water-ways."

January 23rd, How to Create A Beautiful Native Plant Container10-11am
- "
Tree of Life Nursery's Patty Roess will speak about how to create attractive containers using native plants, as well as appropriate maintenance techniques for long-term success. Create your own right here! Space, extra soil and some extra decorations will be provided for you to assemble your own native plant container. Small plants and our beautiful clay pots will be available for sale."

Both of these lectures are great. Whether you live in a small space with no land to garden in like me or whether you have a enough space to collect rainwater it is often useful to expand your knowledge and explore. Happy gardening!

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