Monday, November 30, 2009


You can rent a car, rent furniture and now you can rent a Christmas tree. It's the coolest thing ever. Not to mention a sustainable option for the holiday season. Just imagine the hassle of driving to get the tree, getting it in your car and ultimately having to haul it away. Well The Living Christmas company will take all that headache from you by not only delivering the tree to your home or office, selling you all the decorations you need but also picking it up for you. No hassle, no mus, no fuss just a living Christmas tree for you to enjoy this holiday season.

Owner Scotty Claus puts it nicely...
"Our trees are alive, in a pot with their roots, and growing. This means we can delivery the tree to you and pick-up after the holidays. The tree then goes back to our nursery, where it continues growing until next year. Not every tree is suitable for rental year after year. Those that do not make the cut (no pun intended) are donated to a tree planting organization or become part of an Urban Reforestation Project. After about 7 years, the trees grow too large to rent and are taken out to pasture (we mean planted) to become big, beautiful trees."


Back to Natives said...

This is so cool! I hope they plant the trees in places where they are native! :)

KingandQueenofLivingGreen said...

I love this concept! Great idea :)