Friday, June 12, 2009


I always try to advocate using natives over non natives and what I always tell people is that you should really do your homework to truly understand how to properly water native plants. Usually I'll give fact sheets to clients for each plant. Understanding how to property water natives ensures that they will survive longer in your garden. Below are some tips from Tree Of Life Nursery...
  • Thoroughly research the plant that you wish to use or have to determine it's water needs
  • How much water you give depends on your soil type (i.e. clay, sand and silt), location and micro climate (sun, shade etc.) - do your homework!
  • Regular watering is needed during the establishment period - one thing you can to is check your soil for moisture by touching 6-8 inches below the surface between watering to see whether the soil is moist of dry
  • Do not irrigate overhead as this might cause disease
  • After the establishment period (generally 6-9 months) then you can reduce your watering to monthly.
Generally I would suggest using this rule of thumb.... If your plant leaves are yellow then you are watering too much, but if the leaves are brown then you are not watering enough.

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