Tuesday, April 28, 2009


The south coast plaza was a great success. Many different gardens and what seamed like a gazillion different vendor booths to check out and buy from. Anything and everything from native plants to orchids to gardens and showcased a range of different designs. The show was awesome! The people that had the gardens including myself put a lot of time into constructing the garden. A lot of work but so worth the business marketing opportunity. Below are some pictures of my garden. The concept of the garden was to create a simple/easy to install native garden. I did the show with green interior designer Linsi Brownson (www.brownson-designgroup.com). Violet Lawrence the arborist and Verna Knapp landscape contractor helped a lot with the installation and tare down of the garden. Tree of Life Nursery + Laguna Hills Nursery provided the plant material needed. Kellogg donated the mulch.

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