Wednesday, March 4, 2009


The landscape industry show was a huge success. Many product vendors showcasing a wide range of stuff from irrigation to hardscape to planting and lighting etc. If you wanted to see anything and everything about what type of landscape products were out there then this was the place for you.

As a designer I go every year to get updates on the products I use and to check out what is new. I saw some old co-workers, many product reps I knew and ran into some friends that were there as well.

You may click on any picture to see a sampling of who was there to promote their products.
As you can see there are a wide range of products to be seen and the cool part is that you could do it all under one roof. Hundreds of vendors and thousands of visitors made for a great event.

Congratulations to the California Landscape Contractors Association for an awesome event.

For a complete list of exhibitors click here.

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