Tuesday, March 17, 2009


If you live in Orange County, CA and are considering having lawn then may I suggest an alternative?

Synthetic Turf Rebate Program

Basically the Municipal Water District Of Orange County is making it eligible to all Orange County residence to receive a rebate towards the purchase and installation of synthetic turf.

What is synthetic turf? It is basically man made grass! For more info and forms click on the image.

  • If you live in a single family detached home then you will received a $0.30 rebate per square foot
  • You don't have to water it or mow it
  • You can use any manufacturer provided that you have a contractor that knows what he is doing to install it correctly - one place to try is Syn Lawn. I met them at the landscape industry show and they had cool stuff
  • There is really only one major negative and that is that your governing agency (city or hoa) may not allow you to use synthetic lawn. So before you do anything you should check first if it is allowed in your area
As I have said in the past "kill your lawn". But if you must have lawn then go synthetic and take advantage of the available rebate.


vanessa said...

you have to be careful though, there is evidence coming out that synthetic lawns are breeding grounds for bacteria, some schools have had to remove them due to kids getting cuts while playing on them and being introduced to staph infections

creations landscape designs said...

Yes I agree with Vanessa. Do your homework on the specific brand you wish to use. Don't be afraid to ask questions.

Unknown said...

I have synthetic turf for my home and it is so easy to take care of! No mowing or watering for me...

Great post - love the blog!