Monday, August 18, 2008


The U.S. Department of Agriculture set the following standards on the use of organic.

100% Organic - A raw or processed agricultural product sold, labeled or represented as 100% organic must contain 100% organically produced ingredients.

Organic - A raw or processed agriculture product sold, labeled or represented as organic must contain not less than 95% organically produced raw or processed agricultural products.

Made With Organic - Multi ingredient agricultural product sold, labeled or represented as made with organic must contain at least 70% organically produced ingredients.

Buying organic is not about spending more money but rather your health. Whether you are buying groceries or cleaning supplies or even pet food and litter it's a good thing to buy organic.

This lady at Tanaka Farms told me that "produce that has been sitting on the shelves at grocery store (Von's, Ralph's etc.) has been traveling 2 months before it gets into your mouth." So you mean to tell me that by the time I buy it it's 2 months old? Yikes!

Here is what I do which not only improved my health but translated into "ALL NATURAL HEALTHY" weight loss. It's easy, simple and worth every penny. Remember your health is priceless.
  • 95% of all the fruits and vegetables I consume are either bought at farmers markets or a local farm.
  • I buy everything else at Whole Foods, Sprouts or Mothers.
  • All of my cat food and cat litter is organic (hey if I am going to eat healthy why shouldn't my cats).

Do the right thing for you and your family. Buy responsibly! Buy organic! Just plain use common sense when buying products! If there is an ingredient that you cannot pronounce then perhaps it's not natural or good for you.

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