Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Do you really need a large area of lawn? Most likely not! So take that area and turn it into a food source.

When you are designing why not...
  • Design with fruit trees.
  • Create an herb/vegetable garden.

You can take the fruits, herbs and vegetable that you grow and...

  • Go grocery shopping in your own back yard.
  • Trade with whatever fruit, herbs and vegetables your neighbors have grown.

Steps to growing your garden...


  • Determine what crops you can grow in your location based on climate, soil, rainfall and available square footage of space - Understand how much space the crop you plan to grow will need.
  • Understand how the growing season works - You could plant for each season so you will end up with a variety of crop each season.
  • Become familiar with the different types of crops - What are they? How much water do they need? Does this crop require full sun or partial shade?
  • Plan with the neighbors - maybe you and your neighbor could both grow various crops and trade/share with each other.
  • Have a plan - Be clear on what you are going to grow, where you are going to grow it and how.


  • Break the ground - Prepare the area that you are going to use.
  • Plan for rows of crops - A layering effect.
  • Place your seeds in the furrow - Be sure you understand how far to space each seed based on the type of crop you are planning to grow.
  • Cultivate - Maintain the area on a regular basis.
  • Watch out for insects and rodents - Once you have determined what insects and animals you have if any then you can research into earth friendly methods of ridding them from your garden. You may want to fence the area.
  • Harvest - Educate yourself on when the right time is to pick your crops.
  • Storage - Store your crops based on whatever method is right for each specific crop.

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