Saturday, June 21, 2008


One thing that I have issues with is seeing designs that just were not installed correctly. I myself have had situations where I wonder hey can this contractor read construction drawings. I'll show you what I mean. If you look this picture you will see that the pilaster was not installed correctly. You can see the seams and the corners were not cut right.

This was my first project and my first experience working with a contractor. Turns out that the contractor clearly did not know what he was doing. My mistake in this case what not making periodical site visits to not only ensure that the design was being installed correctly but also per plan.

The picture (below left) was a great project in Huntington Beach where I got to express my true creativity. In this case the contractor clearly knew how to read plans and install correctly.

"It is always wise when hiring a landscape designer or landscape contractor to ask to see a portfolio. If the landscape designer or landscape contractor fails or hesitates to show a portfolio then I would be highly suspicious."

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