earth friendly landscapes is the brain child of landscape designer Rama Nayeri who believes in living simply so others can simply live.

Blog Purpose...

  • Promote having an earth friendly landscape design
  • Promote the use of drought tolerant plants in your garden
  • Promote the use of other earth friendly (hardscape, irrigation etc.) materials in your garden
  • Share ideas, tips and tricks
  • Share videos of events and talks locally
  • Enlighten and inspire you to garden sustainably 
  • Share experiences from the life of a landscape designer attempting to live a more sustainable lifestyle while designing sustainable landscapes

Rama Nayeri (is)...
  • A landscape designer with a degree in landscape architecture
  • Owner of creations landscape designs
  • An Orange County resident
  • Active volunteer in the sustainable world of Orange County
  • A risk taker
  • A zero waste living vegan  
  • Listens to a shit load of Def Leppard and Led Zeppelin
  • A mother to a male feline