Friday, August 25, 2017


With life and everything going on in it, it becomes hard to stop and purposely take a breath for more than just a few seconds.  The same can be said about residential gardens.  You work full time, you are married with kids and have a dog or two cats, and then oh my there is the garden to worry about.  But spending just a day in your garden can be key to understanding how it naturally functions and  getting a sense of what it is that you like or dislike about your garden.  This is known as being mindful in your garden.  Stopping long enough to see the various light/sun patterns in your space can be crucial to understanding how much sun or shade the space gets, which can impact plant selection.

It is also important to get a sense of how other peoples gardens impacts yours.   Maybe your neighbor to the right has a tree that shades parts of you yard or maybe your neighbor to the left has a big car that they park in the driveway that you don't want to look at.  These things are considerations to make in the design of you garden.  

This video is about just that.  Mindfulness in the garden with tips and tricks about what to be mindful of and look for when you are considering a garden makeover.  This is key because when you meet with a professional designer then you can have a realistic understanding of your garden plus what is it you like/dislike and want in your yard.  As a professional designer I always ask questions like... What are you looking to do in this space?  Are you looking to hire neighbors?  Maybe you have dogs that need to be considered in the design of the space.  Watch this video for more info.  

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